Bastion Original Soundtrack by Darren Korb

Track list:

  1. Get Used to It
  2. A Proper Story
  3. In Case of Trouble
  4. Bynn the Breaker
  5. The Sole Regret
  6. Twisted Streets
  7. Terminal March
  8. Percy`s Escape
  9. Faith of Jevel
10. Mine, Windbag, Mine
11. Slinger`s Song
12. Build That Wall (Zia`s Theme)
13. Spike in a Rail
14. What`s Left Undone
15. Brusher Patrol
16. The Mancer`s Dilemma
17. Mother, I`m Here (Zulf`s Theme)
18. Pale Watchers
19. The Bottom Feeders
20. From Wharf to Wilds
21. Setting Sail, Coming Home (End Theme)
22. The Pantheon (Ain`t Gonna Catch You)

Realizovano 05.08.2011.god.
Written, produced and recorded by Darren Korb 


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