Shoot Many Robots Soundtrack by Disasterpeace

Track list:

  1. Shoot Many Robots
  2. Cliffs 'n Mines 'n Such
  3. Get the Hell Off My Land
  4. Rockets
  5. Fact'ries 'n Foundries
  6. Propane Octane Butane
  7. Robot Infestation Blues
  8. Runaway Chainsaw
  9. Hey There, RV!
10. AM Blues
11. Robot Sins
12. Meanwhile, on the Farm
13. Walter P Thinkin'
14. Count Your Nuts
15. Boil 'n Toil in Oil
16. An Evil Robot Blimp Stole My Truck

Realizovano 19.06.2012.godine
Composed and Produced by Rich Vreeland 
Mastering by Sean Sinclair 

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