Saturday Morning RPG Original Soundtrack by Vince DiCola & Kenny Meriedeth

Track list:

 1. Tune in for Saturday Morning RPG!
 2. Saved by the Bell
 3. What Was That?
 4. Something's Wrong
 5. I'm Going In
 6. Battle Scene
 7. Dream Big
 8. Dawn of a New Day
 9. Power Plant
10. What Once Was Lost
11. Trust -Badbots Theme-
12. Meanwhile...
13. Trouble Abounds
14. Fallen Angel
15. Red Horizon
16. Sterner Stuff
17. Castle of the Gods
18. We Need to Talk
19. Determination
20. Beast
21. Overdrive
22. Escape
23. Legacy
24. No Risk No Glory
25. Castle of the Gods (Variation)
26. Dawn of a New Day (Stemage and C-jeff)

Realizovano 27.01.2014.god.
by Vince DiCola and Kenny Meriedeth

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Scarlet Moonrecords on bandcamp


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