Our Darker Purpose - Official Soundtrack by Nathan Fenwick Smith

Track list:

  1. Welcome to Edgewood
  2. Through the Gates
  3. To Die Alone
  4. Behind the Red Door
  5. Victory!  For Now...
  6. Within the Bully - The Woundworts` Theme
  7. Detention Enforced
  8. Enticements of the Dark Magic - The Capulets` Theme
  9. Juice Boxes Required
10. Gifted Students
11. Madness Unleashed
12. Time With Your Caring Friends
13. His Nefarious Intent
14. Our Darker Purpose
15. A Vigilant Mind Endures All
16. BONUS TRACK: Fallen Gates

Realizovano 27.11.2013.god.
by Nathan Fenwick Smith


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