Squids Wild West Soundtrack by Romain Gauthier

Track list:

  1. A New Chapter
  2. The Wet West
  3. The Bigger Adventure
  4. Calamari Cavalry
  5. Seawood
  6. Tales of the Ocean
  7. The Wild Hunch
  8. What It's About
  9. Pale Hunter
10. Unpleasant Encounter
11. Baron
12. Spirit of the West
13. Bitter
14. Return to Thalas
15. You Plain Fools
16. The Lost and the Damned
17. Fade to Black
18. Squids Wild West

Realizovano 21.09.2012.godine
by Romain Gauthier
Mastering by Elmobo at Conkrete Studio

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